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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become more involved in the SFX Athletes community?

Send us an email, we'd be happy to discuss opportunities to have you as a brand ambassador for SFX Athletics.

Does SFX Athletes recommend any specific products for my home training?

We have a list of equipment required for each training level. Our recommendations are that you get an at home setup or join a local gym with a low membership fee that will allow you to do all of the movements we SFX Athletes offer.

Does SFX Athletes offer any special student or military pricing?

We price our program with students and military in mind. Our price point is low so that you are able to stick with it long term!

Can I extend my free trial past 30 days?

We do not offer extensions, but you're able to sign up and begin training whenever you're ready!

I am feeling sore from the movements. Is it best to take a day off?

Soreness is a normal result of beginning a new training program. We only require you to complete 4 training days per week which grants 3 days off per week.

Does SFX Athletes have a physical gym location that I can use?

We have a studio in Portland, OR, if you'd like to visit please contact us and we will set up an appointment.

Nutrition Resources

Athletes who follow the SFX meal plan and a green smoothie recipe feel and see positive results daily. To get the best results in your training program we highly recommend you follow our meal plan and give your body the food and water it needs for producing energy, and getting the nutrients needed for recovery.

Free 30-Day Trial

SFX Athletes offer coaches and athletes a free 30-day trial. Available now for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.