Strength x Speed = POWER

Power is the combination of strength and speed together.  The scientific formula for power is “force x velocity” aka the ability to express force quickly.

Athletes like Usain Bolt, Lebron James, and Zion Williamson are the best examples of high power output.  They are athletes that possess the rare combination of both speed and strength, which makes them virtually unstoppable.  Of course, they also possess the rare size to express the most elite levels of power ever seen in sports.  But they are great examples of what our system does for athletic potential.  With training strength and speed concurrently, athletes will develop their power in sprinting, jumping, change of direction, and force absorption.  Force absorption is a rare and hidden quality that helps athletes become more durable / less injury-prone.  In sports like football, this is probably the most valuable attribute for any athlete.  If an athlete is fast and strong but not durable, they will not last long.  That is why mobility is so important, which works on the flexibility of athletes’ joints and the stability around their joints.