Elite Female Athletes Lift Heavy And Fast

There have been many misnomers and misconceptions perpetuated throughout youth sports and society in general when it comes to training and how to train.  One of the biggest and most detrimental to the development of female athletes is that “females shouldn’t lift heavy weights because it will make them ‘bulky’”  Female athletes and all athletes need to lift light, moderate and heavy weights and begin as early as 12 years old to not only help speed up the process of athletic performance development but keep these athletes from experiencing a career-altering injury. According to studies, ACL tears are at an all-time high from 2010-2020 in the age ranges of 12-15, especially amongst female athletes.  Most of these ACL tears are experienced during non-contact athletic movement.  Meaning it is an issue of lacking stability and strength in and around the ankles, knees, hips, trunk and shoulders. 

We have a solution for this and we’ve been working with female and male athletes on their stability by helping them train the efficiency in biomechanics needed for proper slow and explosive movement. The SFX Athletes training philosophy is, as soon as athletes are able to play sports, they need to pair playing those sports with performance training.  Effective performance training specifically begins with developing a foundation of ankle, knee, hip, trunk and shoulder stability: teaching athletes how to crawl, walk and run efficiently and in a safe manner, we love to do this from day one and every training day going forward we incorporate stability in the warm ups and cool downs – this is step one.  Step two, build strength from the ground up and the inside out – meaning we begin adding in weight training that compliments the stability work that’s laid the foundation for solidified movement mechanics.  Step three is adding in plyometric exercises to compliment the strength development, meaning we begin speeding things up increasing their abilities in producing and absorbing force – the main factors in keeping the athlete healthy and strong while competing in their sport. 

Female athletes that play College and Professional sports are afforded elite strength and conditioning coaching and programming.  At the high school level and below, this kind of training is rare.  High school athletes arguably need strength and conditioning more than college-age athletes, because they are spending the majority of these years growing and developing.  If an injury occurs, their growth and development are impacted and possibly stunted in a negative manner that may prevent them from playing at the next levels.  SFX Athletes was developed to provide high school and grades below a training system with the same manner of training and benefits that a college and professional athlete receives from professional strength and conditioning coaching expertise. Our hope is that many athletes, especially young female athletes that compete in volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, track and field will train explosive with us anywhere, anytime using the SFX Athletes mobile app which will result in lower overall incidence of injury nationwide.