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The combination of flexibility and stability, this is the most important work done to prevent injury. Every routine our system produces will include relevant mobility work for athletes to complete during training. Athletes that practice mobility often, become bulletproof.


The key to developing more explosiveness and higher capacity for speed. Strength is the foundation for all athletic qualities, the stronger an athlete is relative to their own body weight, the more power potential they possess.


The most potent athletic quality that can separate elite athletes from the rest. Strength with speed and vice versa is the most effective combination for athletic dominance, together they equal power.


Ability to work through athletic and sports specific movements without losing power output. The better conditioning and agility athletes have in all planes of movement, the more easily they dominate at the end of their games.

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Key Benefits for SFX Athletes

SFX Athletes is a training platform unlike anything else on the market. Here are just a few of the benefits you will find with our training system.

Personalized Programs

The SFX scoring system is designed around individual athletes’ strengths and weaknesses.

Track Performance

Athletes have the ability to track their progress with monthly fitness tests.

Train Year-Round

Our system is for in-season and off-season. No need to stop training at any point in time.

Reduce Injury

Build strength, become more explosive, and increase endurance.

Train Smart, Reduce
The Risk of Injury

The SFX personalized athletic performance system was developed to reduce injury and help fight against the epidemic of high school sports injuries.


High School Athletes

Experience a season ending injury by age 16.

Injury Reduction

Through training, our athletes are less likely to experience injury throughout high school.

Athlete Performance Improvement

Athletes who train with SFX year round on average increase their overall athletic performance.

The cleans, front squats, single-leg, and single-arm work have made a huge difference in creating strength balance, and explosiveness in my body as a whole."

Ryan Nall

Running Back, Chicago Bears

I've been using the SFX Athletes program for 12 months, I added 30lbs of muscle, gained 6" on my vertical jump, 9" on my broad jump, 3 minutes on my plank hold and received a full ride scholarship to play basketball in College."

Tucker Pellicci

SFX Athlete